FUE Hair Restoration: A More Natural Solution

FUE Hair Restoration: A More Natural Solution
​ By 35 years old, two-thirds of men in the United States will experience hair loss of some degree. Because it's so common, you've probably heard about hair-loss surgery before - maybe you've even looked into it for yourself - but do you know what the difference is when it comes to traditional methods and FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction, hair-re...
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5 Common Hair Transplant Myths

5 Common Hair Transplant Myths
There's nothing scarier to research online than medical procedures. It doesn't take long after googling a simple ailment to be convinced you have a deadly disease that can't be cured. The same is true for hair transplant procedures. There are a lot of myths out there that continue to be passed around even though there is no truth to them at all. He...
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